How do you deliver your coupons

Coupons are delivered INSTANTLY 24/7 after payment to the Primary email listed on the PayPal account .

If you paid with credit or debit card without signing to PayPal coupons are delivered to the email associated with your credit card.

Coupons will be attached in the email as PDF file attachments.

Is the delivery really Instant

YES The delivery is INSTANT.

We have a system that delivers coupons instantly after payment to your email 99% of the time. The delivery depends on paypal to send to us your email address. Normally this is instant but 1% of the time it happened to have a delay. Usually this happens when Paypal is overloaded in long holidays weekends when most of the stores have sells and a lot of people are purchasing online. We have seen delays from 15 minutes to couple hours. In very rare occasions Paypal didnt send the info but this happened   once or twice in few thousands orders.

Also keep in mind that email to get to your email address to your phone or computer depends on your internet speed, phone reception and other factors that are associated with your email provider so it may take a few minutes for the  email to show up.

It said Instant delivery but it has been a while and I don’t see my coupons in my inbox

Our system sends the email with the coupons instantly after payment. If you cant see the email in your inbox please follow this procedures:

  1. If you paid with paypal make sure you are checking your primary paypal email listed in your paypal account. Most of the time customers who cant find the email are not checking the correct email address. If you have more than one email address listed in your paypal account please check them all.
  2. If you paid with credit card without to login to PAYPAL please make sure  you are checking the email you provided when filled payment information.
  3. If you still cant find the email please check your spam or junk folders. Some email providers filter the emails containing files and place them in spam folders.
  4. If you purchased in busy holiday weekends and sales events like thanksgiving sales or Christmas sales please give some more time to receive the email. Sometimes Paypal is overloaded and delays the payment info 15 minutes up to few hours. If this happened our system cant send the coupons since it didnt receive your email address where to send them. Even if you purchase again or somewhere else most likely order will be delayed again and you will end with 2 orders that will come later.
  5. You can type LOWES COUPONS in the search bar and the email should pop up.
  6. If you cant find them in reasonable time please contact us and we will resend the email with the coupons ASAP.
I just found that I dont have an access to my PayPal email or Can you send the coupons to email different than my Paypal email

Coupons will be send automatically to your Paypal or credit card email. If you purchased and dont have access to that email please contact us and specify  another email address where to send them and We will resend  ASAP.

I purchased 2 items but received email with only one.

Every item will be emailed in separate email.

For exaple if you purchase 1×10% coupon and 3x$20 coupons you will receive an email with one 10% coupon and an email with 3 $20 coupons.

Please look for another email with the second item. Please dont forget to check your spam or junk folder if you cant find it in your inbox. Even if the first email was delivered in your inbox it may happen the second one to be filtered to your spam folder.


How can I open and print the coupons

Coupons are attached as PDF files attachments in the email you received from us. Every current updated internet browser as Intenet explorer, Firefox or google chrome should be able to open and print the coupon without any issues. In case you have an older computer, laptop or phone and/or the coupons doesnt open properly in your browser  you will need to download them from the email and open and print them with PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat .

You can download it for free here https://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/

If you need it for your phone you can  find it for free in your phone APP store.

Are the coupons guaranteed to work

Yes. We check all of our coupons to make sure they are good working ones. In rare case you received  a non working one or have an issue Please contact us before the coupon’s expiration date and We will replace it ASAP. We strive for 100 % satisfied customers and will make sure you got working coupon. Thank you

Can I return the coupons

Unfortunately due to the nature of the coupons we CANT accept returns if the coupons are good working ones and there is not an issue with them. Please understand that you will receive the coupons instantly and we cant stop the delivery once payment is made. Once you have the coupons even if you return them you still will have a copy in your email and we cant send them again to someone else without risk of future problems with another customer if you decide to use them. We apologize  but we had bad experience in the past and  we had to take this decision  to protect us from scammers and unfair customers. Thank you for your understanding.

We understand sometimes mistakes happened and in this case we may make an exceptions but only for long term customers who purchased from us more than 5 times.


How can we pay to purchase from you

We accept following payment types:

  1.  PAYPAL payments . On the check out page follow the payment process to log in to your paypal account to complete the payment.
  2. All major credit/debit cards payment processed with PayPal. In your shopping cart choose check out with Paypal and in the next page choose  Pay with Debit or Credit card.
Is it save to pay with my credit/debit card on your web

Yes it is

Even if you pay with your credit card the payment is processed with PayPal and  your credit card details are collected from PayPal and never shared with us. We only receive your Name and email address so we can send you the email with the coupons. PayPal is one of most trusted and secured payment processors. Please buy with confidence.

What is PayPal and is it save to pay

Paypal is one of most popular and save payment processors. PayPal uses latest SSL encryption technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when you send a payment using PayPal, they dont share your  financial information like your credit card or bank account number with us. We only receive your Name and email address so we can email the coupons you purchased.